Bogota- Learn a new language and travel!As teachers, we’re often faced with dilemmas that revolve around choosing curriculum. If you work for a school or agency than you often have a curriculum that’s already been chosen for you. However you still have to decide which parts you will use and then which supplemental material you will incorporate with your weekly lessons. At FLO we have the benefit of creating and using our own curriculum for our online language learning. Many of our weekly lessons are created specifically for each class and/or student. They are tailored to meet the specific needs, language levels and learning styles of our class. But we love it when we find resources to assist us.

I wanted to list some resources that I find extremely useful for some of our classes. You’re welcome to use these in your regular classes or request them for use as online language learning resources with FLO.

One of the text book curriculums we use here at FLO is Avancemos! This is a popular curriculum in schools for many different language instruction classes around the country. They also have an online curriculum where the text, worksheets, practice activities, audio and video demonstrations are available for students to use with their lessons.

For the younger students, has a great program called Oh Noah. It includes videos, online games and challenges, printouts and teacher guides in helping young grade school aged children in learning Spanish. We use Oh Noah in many of our Spanish classes and love it!

Another site for parent resources is Spanglish Baby. This is a website that is always adding to their list of companies, apps, and other sites that assist bi-lingual kids/homes. The site is tailored to help your young child grow their Spanish skills.

The University of Iowa has put together an amazing resource for ESOL students that shows in-depth ¬†lessons on the English language and it’s sounds. The program is called “Phonetics, the Sounds of American English.

There are numerous resources, some free and some not, that help us as teachers to reach our students and help them in growing their language skills. I encourage you to take advantage of what the web has to offer in supplemental language learning materials because the options are enormous!


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